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Virtual Administration, Secretarial and Graphic Design Services

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Woodrow Services
is here
to create more time for you
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Employment Terms
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Woodrow Services is happy to accept work from across the UK and abroad.

A written Job Estimate will be sent out for each project.
Clients must return a signed Booking Form (downloadable below), and receive an acknowledgement
that the project is logged in, before any work is undertaken.

Alterations to a project may require a revised Job Estimate and Booking Form.

If your job is urgent, please telephone to discuss our special 24-hour service.

Click on the preferred document to download it:

Woodrow Services BOOKING FORM - PDF Format

Woodrow Services T&Cs - PDF Format

Please contact us if you have any queries or require further details.

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Tel: 016973 44905      E-mail: hazel@woodrowservices.co.uk

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